1986 and Older Diesel Engines

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1986 and Older Diesel Engines
1986 and Older Diesel Engines

15,000 Mile Service $299.00
(Also 45,000, 75,000, 105,000, 135,000 miles)
Change engine oil and oil filter, inspect lighting systems, belts, wipers, fluid levels, inspect and lubricate door hinges, steering points, throttle linkage, antenna mast, replace \windshield washer fluid, inspect exhaust system, fuel lines, complete brake inspection, cooling system inspection, air conditioning performance, service battery , clean intake air cleaner element,, perform valve adjustment correct all fluid levels, replace fuel filters.

30,000 Mile Service $499.00
(Also 60,000, 90,000, 120,000, 150,000 miles)
All items listed under 15,000 mile service plus~ replace power steering filter and check and correctt1uid levels, rear differential service, replace intake air cleaner element, change automatic transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket.