Recommended For All Models

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Recommended For All Models

Automatic Transmission Service $220.00
Recommended every 30,000 miles for most models, except the following
129 & 140 Models-Excludes 5-Speed Trans (every 30,000 miles) $160.00
5 Speed Transmission Models (every 100, 000 miles) $190.00
7 Speed Transmission Models (every 4 years /40,000 miles) $220.00
7 Speed 4-Matic Models (every 3 years / 39.000 miles) $260.00

Brake Fluid Service $75.00

SBC Brake Fluid Service $125.00
Recommended every 2 years. Drain and flush brake fluid system, clean fluid reservoir when applicable, renew fluid and bleed system.

Tire Rotation
Recommended every 5,000 miles. Inspect and rotate tires, check tread depth, and adjust tire pressure
Passenger Vehicle $19.95
Light Truck Vehicle $25.95

Engine Coolant Service $75.00
Recommended every 3 years for 2003 and older models. For2004 and newer models, see our Service Consultant for your vehicle's schedule

Wheel Balancing $39.99
Recommended every 10,000 miles. After market wheels are subject to additional charges

Fuel Filters, Air Filters and Spark Plugs
Recommended at varied time and mileage intervals. For 1998 and newer models. The range of time or mileage is 45.000 to 100,000 miles or 4 to 5 years. Please see our Service Consultant for your vehicle's maintenance schedule.